Friday, December 31, 2010

Anirudh Sethi Report | Stock Markets


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Anirudh Sethi is a stock market and economic analyst who writes unbiased and objective view. After a thorough research for 5 years, puts forth his ideas and predictions of Stock Market Movement in India. He found success in this area at a time when the Indian stock market was controlled by a select few people and there was a lack of data and computing tools. His work was finally recognized and given credit in the early nineties, and he started giving weekly forecast for the Indian stock markets in the Indian business daily, Business Standard from year 1997 to 2001.

Anirudh Sethi Report | Stock Markets

With the Internet comes with full force in India from 2001, was his daily trading strategy read by by lot of the Indians and people abroad. His inbox was flooded with mails and phones equipped with SMS requests paid service subscription to Business Tips. Although SEBI raised objections as they are categorized his work as a Portfolio Management, and he had to take the help of their lawyers to fight his case.

He also says that if there was not much need for technical analysts for the stock market, so why all the leading business channels for technical and specialized views based on the stock market on an hourly basis. But his work is proceeding as usual, and he answers millions of calls, questions about his unique insight and perspective on the market. He decided therefore to predict the expected index of the Sensex and Nifty Futures for the Indian stock market.


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